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The year 2025, it turns out, is the year many experts predict may be a tipping point that ushers in a new era of innovation for our world. Within approximately 10 years, the most disruptive emerging technologies of our modern era, now in their infancy, will be "ready for prime time" and will change society, and how we define ourselves, in unimaginable ways. Are we ready for this seismic shift that will happen in the blink of an eye? Are we aware of (and prepared for) the challenges and opportunities that are ahead?

Tech 2025 is a platform and community for learning about, and discussing, the most consequential emerging technologies that will impact our world in the next 10 years including AI, Machine Learning, VR/AR/MR, Driverless Vehicles, Robot Automation, 3D Printing, Space Tech, Drones, Internet of Things, Blockchain, and Sustainable Technologies (phew!). In addition to teaching the general public about these technologies that are evolving quicker than we can fully understand them, we facilitate discussions on practical problems, legislation, and the broader societal implications of these technologies (particularly on the future of work). Our interactive Think Tanks, Webinars, and Experiential Tech Tours, are based on the latest news, trends, and research presented by industry experts, in an intimate setting that facilitates creative problem-solving, strategizing real-world applications of tech, and networking. Since our launch in January, 2017, we've produced over 35 events that have informed and connected thousands of people. Tech 2025 is for anyone who wants to learn about the emerging technologies, prepare for the future, and actively participate in developing innovative solutions that will carry us into The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

What We Do

Think Tanks

Interactive, problem-solving think tanks on the latest developments in emerging technology, presented by industry experts and influencers, offer attendees a thorough understanding of the ecosystems, the ever-changing challenges and opportunities, and the impact these technologies will have on our society.

Live Events

Larger live events including conferences, hackathons, and panels, that facilitates compelling conversations on emerging technology hot topics, and networking for entrepreneurs, the business community, and the general public.

Experiential Tech Tours

Unique, curated experiences that offer participants the opportunity to visit technology installations and leading tech companies to learn, hands on, about how emerging tech is developed, implemented, and marketed (see our recent "Holograms to HoloLens" tour).

Networking Communities

Join our communities on Slack and Meetup to connect with other entrepreneurs and professionals interested in learning more about emerging technologies, and attendees of our events.

Weekly Newsletter

Subscribe to our weekly Tech 2025 Newsletter covering our events, relevant news in emerging tech, and original content front emerging technology influencers.

Mission AI Research

A platform for people to learn about, and participate in, AI research where they engage in discourse on implementing AI and machine learning safely and fairly.

Douglas Schapero

“Visionary and highly accessible--presenting context, meaningful scenarios, and opportunities for impactful strategy.”
Workshop Pic – Basic Income 26

Nadir Simon

"Attending this event kind of made it an even more real and tangible "concern". I left the building and I was like.... "Damn... this is really happening" it's not just one of my favorite sci-fi themes anymore , or one of my favorite science blogs topic... AI is simply real history unfolding before our eyes. Kind of freaky and exciting."

Aaron Lupo

"We had a great time at the event and really appreciate you allowing us to join. We took a lot from it and were able to generate some new ideas for our own product surrounding chatbots."
Tech 2025 workshop – machine learning 1

David Jones

"I've attended three of your events so far and find them fascinating. What you are doing is great and people should be paying attention. I always leave with a bigger worldview than when I arrived and thinking differently. Everyone should be aware of this."

Rahul Patoliya

"I have attended your last workshop "Machine Learning in Hollywood Movies – What’s Real, What’s Not, What’s Next?" with my friend and it was amazing!"

How We're Rolling in 2018


With the skills-gap growing globally, and the need for people to not only learn about emerging technologies, but to be kept informed of the lightening-fast changes happening in order to stay competitive in the job market and as entrepreneurs, this Fall we're launching various, new event formats (real life and virtual) featuring speakers and ideas in tech, business, and policy that are both popular and under the radar. We are also deepening our commitment to sharing compelling narratives that ignite our curiosity and creativity. We believe the way to address the problem of the need for mass upskilling, and to empower people to participate in developing and implementing emerging technologies, is to make learning about them as addictive as binge-watching your favorite shows on Netflix. Can this be done? Our members, in so many ways, have told us the answer is "yes": Learning about the future is binge-worthy!


The concentration of power over the most consequential emerging technologies is now primarily in the hands of 5 companies: Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft. This much is fact: they own our data, they own the most AI technologies, and they own our future. What are the consequences of so few companies having so much of our data, building the AI technologies that will run our lives? Tech 2025 is a data-driven company. Our events provide insightful info on how we're engaging around (and thinking about) AI technologies, and what we really think about their potential and limitations. This Fall, we're launching our Citizen Technologists program to help people become data-literate, data-empowered, and to debate critical questions we should all be asking of big tech companies, the government, and ourselves about the impact of the new algorithmic world being created with our data.


Tech 2025 was launched, and has grown quickly, based on our spirit of open collaboration and exchange of ideas between diverse groups of people from all walks of life. Our events are extremely popular because we don't just offer a platform for learning, we ask people to think and solve problems, together, that matter the most to them and to society. This Fall, we are taking this most popular aspect of our model to the next level to welcome companies and startups into the discussion to share how they are implementing emerging technologies, and to present challenges to our community that they need help solving. The People's Think Tank facilitates discussions, analyses, and interactive problem-solving around new technologies being developed by businesses and startups around the world. Contrary to traditional think tanks that are heavily funded and exclusive, we democratize innovation to be inclusive, open, and fluid.

Community + Technology = Problem-solving

The Tech 2025 Community Responds to the Ohio Opioid Technology Challenge 

Whether you’re a medical or healthcare expert, or simply a concerned citizen, we are calling on everyone to be part of the solution.” --  David Goodman (Chair of the Ohio Third Frontier Commission)

The Tech 2025 community participated in a special think tank event for the Ohio Opioid Technology Challenge (a global challenge seeking new approaches and technology solutions that could help combat the U.S. opioid problem). The enthusiasm and ideas shared by attendees were inspiring, to say the least! 


Charlie Oliver, CEO of TECH 2025, Included as One of 25 Global Experts in Fleishman Hillard's Consumer AI Report 

Award-winning communications firm, Fleishman Hillard, has published new research surveying consumers across the US and the UK about their current sentiment on AI. An overwhelming number of participants believe the responsibility of public education around AI should be shared between brands, schools and the government. Read more here.

TECH 2025 Launches Mission AI to Bridge the Gap in AI Research Between Researchers and the General Public

TECH 2025 Member, Anne T. Griffin, Joins Blockchain Consensys Firm Open Law as Product Manager

FORBES Highlights Charlie Oliver, CEO of TECH 2025, as One of Six Women Influencers in Blockchain

"Ask the Experts" Online Learning

Online Live Video Learning Series

Ask the Experts is our new online learning series that offers a unique twist on learning about emerging technologies. Expert guest speakers participate in a live-video discussion and analysis on recent news stories or research in emerging tech that highlights a particular problem of the technology to explore through a an interactive Q&A session. The guest speaker will also ask questions of the audience to facilitate an exchange of ideas similar to our live think tanks.

ASK THE EXPERTS: Keeping Up with the Algorithms – YouTube’s Big, Dark, Black Box with Matt Gielen

ASK THE EXPERTS: The Future of Trucking: the Trucker Shortage Crisis and the Rise of Driverless Trucks with Allie Knight

ASK THE EXPERTS: The Impact of Think Tanks on Technology Research and Policies with Enrique Mendizabal


The Last Mile: an $80 Billion Global Logistics Problem and the Blockchain Solution

The last mile is a global multi-billion dollar transportation problem that companies (from ecommerce giants like Amazon and Walmart, to small businesses) are desperate to solve. Join us as we explore how blockchain might be the ultimate game-changer for last mile logistics.

Past Guest Speakers

Scott Kennedy, Deputy Dir., Freeman Chair in China Studies, and Dir., Project on Chinese Business and Political Economy

Clara De Soto, cofounder at (enterprise bot platform), writer for Chatbots Weekly

Scott Schwaitzberg, Tusk Ventures political strategy firm for startups and tech companies

Seth Clevenger, Technology Editor, Transport Topics iTech News

Alec Lazarescu, Sr. Dir. Engineering at K12, Inc., founder of, writer for Chatbots Magazine

Global Dir, Emerging Technology Partnerships and Investments, Thomson Reuters

Peter Morgan, Chief AI Officer, Ivy Data Science

Kathryn Hume, VP Product & Strategy Venture Partner at ffVC

Christine Bechhold, Early Stage Investor, Samsung NEXT

James Fan, CEO & co-Founder of Hello Vera AI 

Kota Kobayashi, Digital Product Designer, ustwo

Sara Hsu, Asst. Prof. of Economics, Research Director at Asia Financial Risk Think Tank in Hong Kong

Julian Togelius, Associate Professor, Artificial Intelligence in Games, NYU

Dr. Seth Baum, Exec. Director of the Global Catastrophic Risk Institute

Amy Webb, Futurist and Author of The Signals Are Talking

Eugene Lewis, Head of Founder Relations, Republic

Dan Chen,Interaction Designer, Technology Investigator and Robotics Engineer 

Marcello Poglian, Lead Researcher and co-Author of Rogue Robots: Testing the Limits of an Industrial Robot’s Security

Eric Matzner, Futurist, Bioacker, Entrepreneur, Founder of Nootroo

Ed Maguire, Managing Partner at Bluemont Partners, Venture Partner at Momenta Partners

Berit Anderson, CEO and Editor-in-Chief,

Daniel Sieberg, Cofounder of Civil Media, former head of Google News Lab

Addrienne Abbate, Executive Director, SIPCW & Project Director, TYSA

Randi Williams, Masters student in Robotics and Human-Robot Interaction, MIT Media Lab

Jayar La Fontaine, Foresight Strategist, Idea Couture

Hannes Sjöblad, founder of Swedish Assoc. of Biohackers, advisor on Human Augmentation

Assemblyman Clyde Vanel,serves the 33rd Assembly district of Queens, NY

Allie Knight, Millennial Long-Haul Truck Driver, YouTube Influencer

Blog Highlights

Redefining Innovation


“What is the Future of Work?” — the Right Question at the Wrong Time

Robot Automation: the Denial of the East, the Panic of the West, and the Question No One Wants to Answer

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Anne T. Griffin
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