ASK THE EXPERTS: Building Ethical AI, Chatbots and Robots in Luxembourg with Sviatlana Hoehn

Ask the Experts

Ask the Experts is a new Tech 2025 online learning series that offers a unique twist on learning about emerging technologies. Expert guest speakers participate in live video discussion and analysis on recent hot topics in the news and research on emerging technologies that highlight a particular problem or potential of the technology for us to explore through an interactive Q&A session. Then, we turn the tables and our guest speaker will ask  questions of participants to help solve the problem (making you the expert).

Sviatlana Hoehn, University of Luxembourg, AI

Our Guest Expert for this session is Sviatlana Hoehn, an AI researcher who holds a researcher position at the University of Luxembourg where she founded the Artificial Companions and Chatbots Lab. She will discuss the differences between how the public, companies and institutions think about artificial intelligence in Luxembourg (and Europe) versus the US, and why Luxembourg is  feverishly trying to "catch up" to US and China. She will offer insight into how small countries like Luxembourg are trying to engage citizens in discussions around AI fairness and some of the challenges that Luxembourg faces based on their culture (comparable to challenges other nations face).

She will also review some of the top AI startups in Luxembourg and answer your questions.

Sviatlana works in the field of Dialogue Systems and Conversation Analysis focusing on artificial companions and chatbots. She is also lead organizer of LuxLogAI 2018: Luxembourg Logic for AI Summit -- Luxembourg's first conference on responsible, fair AI. A core objective of LuxLogAI is to present the latest developments and progress made on the crucial question of how to make AI more transparent, responsible and accountable in Luxembourg.



10 AI Startups to Look Out For

Start Time

11:00 am

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Finish Time

12:00 pm

Wednesday, August 29, 2018



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