From Holograms to HoloLens: an Interactive Tour of Holographic Studios with Dr. Laser

Dr. Laser, Charlie Oliver, and Paul Blair

You think you know 3D and holograms, but you have no idea!


Come geek out with us in the subterranean laser laboratories of Holographic Studios for a special, interactive tour of the worlds oldest gallery of holography with the legendary Dr. Laser 

With the explosion of VR/AR gear by the big tech companies like Microsoft (HoloLens) and Facebook (Oculus Rift), 3D and holograms are set to redefine how we see the world. Meet one of the pioneers of holography and learn how he has taught and excited people from around the world about the technology for decades. 

Holographic Studios (founded in 1979 by Jason Sapan, one of the pioneers of holography) is the world’s oldest gallery of holography. For over 40 years, they’ve worked with many of the world’s leading corporations, institutions, and celebrities creating 3D holograms projects and have been featured in countless media outlets including New York Times, Bloomberg Business Week, PBS, The New Yorker, CNN, GIZMODO, and Mashable. In this tour we will learn about the history of 3D, holograms and Holographic Studios and experience (hands-on!) how create tech/science magic!

Meet Dr. Laser

Jason Sapan (founder of Holographic Studios and legendary pioneer of holography) and his staff. Photo Credit: Holographic Studios
Jason Sapan (founder of Holographic Studios and legendary pioneer of holography) and his staff. Photo Credit: Holographic Studios

Back to the future! We will be treated to a guided tour of Holographic Studios and its subterranean laser laboratories by none other than Jason Sapan (one of the early pioneers of holography), known to everyone as Dr. Laser! Sapan has been making holographic images in the basement of his small storefront gallery for nearly 40 years. Andy Warhol, President Bill Clinton, designer Pierre Cardin, science fiction author Isaac Asimov, Prime Minister Edward Heath of the UK, Mayor Ed Koch of New York, composer John Cage, musician Billy Idol are just some of the celebrities who have sat for their holographic portraits with Mr. Sapan.

His work has been commissioned by many of the world’s leading corporations, museums, and universities. He has also been a professional in the field of vibration analysis, working on ground-breaking projects for such companies as IBM, AMD, Motorola, and others. Sapan’s former interns have gone on to become Grammy winners, Emmy winners, and Academy Award winners working on cultural hits such as The Matrix, Breaking Bad, The X Files and more. He is on the faculty of NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) grad school where he teaches Holography.  He has a unique and profound way of teaching people about 3D and holograms — he explains that they are metaphors for dealing with life. 

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Holographic Studios, 240 East 26th Street, NY 10010