Hacking Industrial Robots in the IoT Factories of the Future: Are Companies Prepared for the Risks?

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About This Presentation & Panel Discussion

By the year 2019, 2.6 million industrial robots will be deployed worldwide, according to the World Robotics Report, published by the International Federation of Robotics. That’s an increase of approximately 1 million robots since 2015.

And with this astounding, global robot boom, comes the rise of the Industrial Internet of Things. Like the Internet of Things where our mobile devices and household appliances are all connected, across platforms, via the internet, manufacturing is becoming ever-more connected and ever more vulnerable to hackers.

Industrial robots (massive mechanical arms used on manufacturing lines in industries like aerospace and automotive to move heavy objects, weld seams and fit pieces together, and move heavy objects) not only work alongside humans, they are increasingly becoming more connected to each other, to related devices and sensors, and to the internet which allow factory owners to very easily customize their robots and systems by downloading any necessary applications, powered by AI and edge-computing technologies. This connectivity will enable the delivery of analytics to help optimize manufacturing production and ultimately reach a new level of productivity, efficiency, and cost savings that companies like General Motors are already witnessing and embracing.

But, for all of the benefits and innovation these industrial robots are bringing the world, and for all of the promise that the Industrial Internet of Things offers, there are reasons to be concerned, if not cautious, as we build the connected factories of the future.

As the saying goes, anything can be hacked!

We’ve watched in disbelief as professional hackers have shown how vulnerable IoT devices like our phones, digital cameras, and driverless vehicles are to being hijacked, but what happens when a 2,000 pound industrial robot gets attacked by hackers?  

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JOIN US for this presentation and panel discussion based on recent research, Rogue Robots: Testing the Limits of an Industrial Robot’s Security, published jointly by researchers at Politecnico di Milano in Italy and Trend Micro Inc.'s FTR, that explored this very topic. In short, they hacked industrial robots and discovered where these vulnerabilities were, how such vulnerabilities can happen, and (after reporting the vulnerabilities to the company responsible for the vulnerability), noted how they fixed the weakness.

A senior member of the research team, Marcello Poglian, will present this groundbreaking research and answer questions including:  What type of damage could hackers inflict on manufacturing systems and the people who work next to these Transformer-like robots every day? What are the implications of this research on the development of the Industrial Internet of Things? How can factory-owners safeguard against hackers who can inflict massive damage not just to factory systems and products, but to the people who work alongside these robots? Are cyber security companies prepared to address this new threat and, if so, how?

We’ll answer these questions, and more, at this special live presentation and panel discussion so RSVP today (limited tickets). 

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Guest Speakers

Marcello Poglian, Politiecnico Di Milano (Milan, Italy), Researcher and co-Author of Rogue Robots: Testing the Limits of an Industrial Robot’s Security

Marcello Pogliani is a PhD student at Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria (DEIB), Politecnico di Milano in Italy, where he works with the Computer Security group of the NECST laboratory. His research and professional interests revolve around various subtopics of applied computer systems security.

Although he is mainly working on the security of cyber physical systems, he is generally interested in broader system-, web- and network- security issues. In his spare time, he enjoys playing and organizing Capture The Flag competitions with Politecnico's team, Tower of Hanoi. Marcello will also be presenting this important research at Black Hat USA 2017 in July.

Charlie Oliver, Founder/CEO Served Fresh Media LLC, Tech 2025

Charlie’s years of experience in the trenches of old media include working in advertising in New York at such media goliaths as BBDO Worldwide and Condé Nast, to producing sitcoms and dramas in tv and film, and event management at the Sundance Film Festival.

After spending several years in corporate law in document review, Charlie launched her first startup (Art of Talk - a web video talk show platform).

Currently, as the founder of Served Fresh Media, Charlie provides brands with game-changing services including: senior management advisory, team building and training, market research, strategic partnerships, product development and brand innovation.

In January, Charlie launched Tech 2025 (a subsidiary of Served Fresh Media) to serve as a platform and a community for learning about and discussing emerging technologies through live events.

Follow Charlie on Twitter: @itscomplicated

Ed Maguire, Managing Partner at Bluemont Partners, Venture Partner at Momenta Partners, Chief Strategy Officer for Acreto, a seed-stage IoT security company

Ed Maguire has 17+ years of experience in Investment Banking and Equity Research at CLSA Americas, Merrill Lynch and CIBC World Markets.

He is currently Managing Partner at Bluemont Partners, a Corporate Advisory and Consulting firm, Venture Partner at Momenta Partners, a Connected Industry venture capital, advisory and executive search firm and Chief Strategy Officer for Acreto, a seed-stage IoT security company. He has appeared extensively in major media including CNBC, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, BNN, NPR and other outlets. Ed holds a BA in Music from Columbia University and an MBA from Rutgers Business School.

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