Redefining innovation for the post-pandemic future.

The next 5 years of technological disruption will make the last 3 years look like a picnic. What's your roadmap for future success?

Thanks to the global pandemic of 2020 that caught us all by surprise, our world is now faced with unprecedented and devastating change, including financial collapse and the collapse of systems, beliefs and institutions we once had faith in.

The single most important thing we can do to save our world and to guarantee a stable, harmonious future for the next generations, is to innovate wisely and inclusively. But we can’t innovate the same way we did before the pandemic.

Every week, on Fast Forward: the Post-Pandemic Innovation PodcastCharlie Oliver (CEO of Tech 2025), explores how this new, more inclusive and disruptive innovation is manifesting in companies, governments and the lives of people and how we can embrace this new movement to realize our full potential to build our best future. She will explore the latest news and trends, interview diverse guest speakers at the forefront of defining the next era of disruption, and give solid tips, tricks and tactics to help you map your own post-pandemic innovation strategy.

This is the podcast that redefines technological innovation for a new future that is ripe with opportunities, success and fulfillment for everyone. In the new post-pandemic innovation era, no one should be left behind!

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