Getting beyond the hype.

The next 5 years of technological disruption will make the last 3 years look like a picnic. What's your game plan?

More so than any other time in recent history, people are angst-ridden about the future and emerging technologies (like AI, machine learning, automation, etc.) that, just a couple of years ago, only existed in our fantasies and scifi movies. Not only are these technologies here, they're coming at us faster than ever, with the promise of changing life as we know it in the next 5-10 years.

Each week, Charlie Oliver explores these topics and gives listeners a peak into the Tech 2025 community, where people from all walks of life come together to learn about and discuss emerging technologies that are poised to disrupt every aspect of society and our lives. With a focus on looking at how we can prepare for the next 5 years of disruption, she'll also be taking deep dives into the latest news, technologies and trends that matter the most to ordinary people who are trying to make sense of changes coming at us quicker than we can understand them.

With compelling guest speakers, a ton of resources to share, Charlie gives listeners a no-BS look at what we are becoming, where we are going, and how everyone can actively participate in (and benefit from!) shaping our AI-powered futures. 

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