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Fast Forward

The post-pandemic innovation newsletter  delivered to your inbox weekly, covering the fast-evolving innovation landscape and how companies, governments and people are creatively using emerging technologies to find new solutions for the most difficult problems we face today and in the future. Curated by our team, from the best sources across the web, Fast Forward separates the signals from the noise so that you can read and share the most interesting, need-to-know news, stories and commentary online.

What to Learn

Covering innovation upskilling and the fast-evolving global workforce, What to Learn is the biweekly newsletter that offers you the latest research, news and insights to make sense of the the job market and offers solid suggestions for what you need to learn to develop a continuous learning strategy for opportunities and jobs of the future (whether you're interested in working for a company or starting a business).

Total Recall

Our short and sweet curated list of the top five virtual event recording replays of the week, delivered to your inbox every Friday, highlighting the most compelling events (webinars, workshops, meetings, social events) on emerging technologies, innovation, business, culture and the future.