New York

Charlie Oliver
Founder / CEO

Charlie spent years in the trenches of traditional media, in advertising and publishing at goliaths like Conde Nast and BBDO, and in tv/film producing sitcoms and dramas before launching, Art of Talk TV (a web video talk show platform) and, eventually, launching Served Fresh Media in 2009, which provides digital media, product development, and innovation strategy to companies. In 2017, she launched Tech 2025, a community and platform for people to learn about and discuss the potential impact of emerging technologies on society at live events.

Charlie’s philosophy on life is simple: "Be fearless and unapologetic in the fierce pursuit of your goals and be just as passionate about helping people."


Eric Legaspi
Event Manager

Eric is a long-time musician who has cultivated a wide and voracious curiosity over the years, though he can easily trace this back to dinosaurs, comic books and Star Trek. What excites Eric most about emerging technology - aside from a possible warp drive - is "the fact that seemingly boundless ideas are often accompanied by deep questions and unforeseen adjustments in how we live our lives".  He believes we're at an incredibly interesting inflection point as a people and I want to know and observe as much as possible.  

Anne T. Griffin
Emerging Tech Correspondent

Anne is a human and product manager, in that order, who studied engineering at the University of Michigan. She is passionate about the human aspects of technology and building machine learning and AI products rooted in the realities of the human experience.

At Tech 2025, Anne offers her unique perspective on the evolution of emerging technologies and how communities are discussing the impact of these technologies on businesses and society. 

Naomi CosmanNaomi Cosman
Emerging Tech Correspondent

Naomi is a Marketer by trade, but a tech junkie by heart. Some of her fondest memories are of her dad and her dissecting computers, getting to know the pieces, and then putting them back together again. She is very excited about the future possibilities in the world of emerging technology and hopes to one day contribute to its ever-growing portfolio by building a tech company of her own. She writes for Tech 2025 with the desire to get others as excited as she is about what’s to come in the world of technology.

Rebecca Cornejo
Event Production Assistant

Rebecca is a photographer/student originally from Boston. In between going to school and enjoying life and all the new experiences NYC has to offer, Rebecca helps to produce Tech 2025 events, managing on-site event logistics and community engagement. 


Michaelangelo Yambao
Community Manager

Michaelangelo is a web developer who has worked at and founded numerous companies from green technology non-profits, to online photography platforms, to game design studios. He believes that the more informed the general public is about the current state of disruptive technology, the more prepared society will be for the large changes ahead.

To that end, he helps Tech2025 Toronto produce events and workshops that engage the public in these important conversations. He is currently very interested in Blockchain and A.I.

Christine Dang
Events Manager

Christine Dang is a UX Designer equipped with a BA in Psychology and a passion for designing better interactions between people and technology. In the past, she has helped create web & mobile interfaces, more efficient work processes for teams, and puzzle mechanics for live gaming experiences. She helps produce Tech2025 events to empower the public with knowledge and tools needed to embrace the disruptive technologies rapidly changing the world. She herself welcomes all technologies, as long as they are well-designed and guided by human values. When she is not designing great experiences, she can be found consuming cake in massive quantities.