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Charlie Oliver
Founder/CEO Tech 2025 (Served Fresh Media)
Twitter: @itscomplicated
Ed Maguire
Principal Partner, Momenta
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EPISODE 8: Evil AI, Killer Robots, Dragon Kings and Cupcakes with Dr. Seth Baum

Aaaaand we’re BACK! After a brief hiatus due to the endless travels of cohosts Charlie Oliver and Ed Maguire, the team reassembles for this special, spooky, AI Halloween episode with special guest, Dr. Seth Baum (Executive Director of the Global Catastrophic Risk Institute).

EPISODE 7: The Blockchain Rabbit Hole!

Ed, Charlie and Anne tackle the daunting and massively complicated topic of Blockchain — what is it really? How can we separate what we need to know from hype? Where can we find the best, most reliable info on blockchain? Are we in a bubble? And what does Paris Hilton have to do with all of this.

EPISODE 6: What To Do When Amazon Comes for You

Welcome to our big fat Amazon episode! In this episode, Ed and Charlie take a big bite out of Amazon and tackle how Amazon’s strategy will impact everyone (from consumers, to entrepreneurs, to the c-suite and the enterprise). 

EPISODE 5: Guidelines for Avoiding an AI Apocalypse

Last month, we did a workshop on the Asilomar 23 AI Principals -- a list of 23 guidelines that outlines how we should develop AI so that we don't create destructive technology. Ed and Charlie takes on this topic and share insights from the workshop!

EPISODE 4: Emerging Tech Resources for the Dog Days of Summer

Now that August (the Dog Days of Summer) is here and we’re all winding down and heading of to Summer vacations, Ed and Charlie have pulled together a great list of resources for learning more about emerging technologies while you’re on the beach this Summer.

EPISODE 3: Keeping Up with the Technologies

Emerging tech Buzz-words are flying all over the place. In this episode, Charlie and Ed tackle “exponential technologies,” “exponential growth,” and the “exponential future.” What the heck do they mean and just how much should we incorporate it into our thinking and actions?

EPISODE 2:  Robots Gone Wild! Hacking Industrial Robots and IIoT

Charlie and Ed discuss the recent Tech 2025 event, Hacking Industrial Robots in the IoT Factories of the Future: Are Companies Prepared for the Risks?, and how worried we should be about industrial robot hacking. Also, what are some opportunities for people interested in getting into this space?

Kathryn Hume, Fast Forward Labs

EPISODE 1: Explain it Like I'm 5 - What the Heck is AI, Machine Learning, NLP & DL?

And we're off! In this first episode, Charlie and Ed discuss surprising findings from a recent Tech 2025 workshop that addressed the confusion around defining AI technologies and interview the ever-awesome Kathryn Hume (guest instructor of this workshop and VP Product & Strategy at

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