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New Tech 2025 podcast episode every week, and then some.

Each week, Charlie Oliver (Founder/CEO Tech 2025) gives listeners a sneak peak into the Tech 2025 community, where people from all walks of life come together at Tech 2025 events to learn about, and to discuss, emerging technologies that are poised to disrupt every aspect of society and our lives in the coming decade.

She'll also be covering the latest news, technologies and trends that matter the most to ordinary people who are trying to make sense of the exponential changes coming at us quicker than we can understand them.

With great guest speakers including members of the Tech 2025 community and rising stars developing emerging tech, a ton of resources to share, and a dose of optimism (tinged with realism), Charlie gives listeners a no-BS look at what we are becoming, where we are going, and how everyone can actively participate in shaping our AI-enabled futures. Figuring out the future together.

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Humble Innovation with Faith Legendre, Cisco Systems (Season 2, Ep. 2)

As we begin season two shining a light on Tech 2025 members who are defining emerging technologies and inspiring us to push beyond our perceived limitations, we could hardly find a shining star brighter and more inspiring than Faith Legendre (Business Outcome Strategist, Cisco Systems).

Waiting for the Killer Chatbot with Alec Lazarescu (S2/E2)

For our 1-year anniversary, Charlie takes us back to the very first Tech 2025 event (Battle of the Chatbots & Conversational Interfaces in 2017) featuring guest speaker Alec Lazarescu (chatbot builder, writer at Chatbots Magazine, and founder of Bots and AI meetup in New York City with over 1,600 members).

SEASON 2 Intro: Happy Anniversary to Us!
We're back!

Aaaaand we’re BACK! Now that 2017 is in our rearview mirror, and 2018 is staring us dead in our eyes, Charlie briefly pops in to explain why she’s optimistic about 2018, what you can expect in Season 2 of the podcast, and to say Happy Anniversary to the Tech 2025 community on this one-year mark since we launched.

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