Provide strategy, tools and support to help businesses create bottom-up, employee and consumer-driven post-pandemic innovation (PPI). What is your PPI strategy?


Remote workforce culture alignment, culture-building processes and programs, defining new virtual workforce culture.


Develop a bottom-up, open innovation workforce that is inclusive and highly engaged to solve post-pandemic problems.


Remote, fast-track upskilling microcourses on post-pandemic, need-to-know info and topics. Contextual learning employees can apply immediately.


Understand, interpret and incorporate consumer data, behaviors and feedback on emerging technology products, services and concepts.


Research, reports, and surveys on emerging technology tipping points, post-pandemic innovation forecasts.


Automation business case development, standardization, and robotic process and intelligent automation.

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James Jeude

Principal, Strategy & Consulting

His career has covered a range of technology-fueled business experiences from large-scale line-of-business management (3,000+ headcount), building and operating a business strategy team, integrating digital signals and experiences into an analytically-driven experience environment, and understanding social and regulatory impact of artificial intelligence and algorithmic decision making.

His most recent work at Cognizant, one of the world’s largest global systems integrators, covered healthcare analytics, strategy, technology alliances, and business operations. He has also worked in business information (Dun & Bradstreet, INQVIA IMS Health, Import.io), search engine and language processing (IACI/Ask.com), and manufacturing and supply chain (Boeing). James lives in New Jersey with his wife, his Ford Mustang, and a room full of musical instruments and electronics. Read recent report co-authored by James: A Virtual Workforce Model for COVID-19 and Beyond 

Anne T. Griffin

Chief Product & Curriculum Officer

Anne is a human and product manager, in that order. She is also a product coach and career motivational coach. She built her product management career working with organizations such as Microsoft, Comcast, Mercedes-Benz, and Priceline.

She currently works at Priceline as a Product Manager and as the Chief Product & Curriculum Officer of Tech 2025, a platform and community for learning about and engaging with emerging technologies such as blockchain and AI, and exploring their impact. West Point, the University of Montreal, and Morgan State University are a few of the universities where she has guest lectured. She teaches her own course on Business Applications of Blockchain through O'Reilly Media.

Charlie Oliver


At Served Fresh Media, Charlie and her team provide digital strategy, senior management advisory, team building and training, strategic partnerships, event management, and product development for enterprise companies. In January 2017, driven by a passion to help the public to understand and participate actively in the next technological revolution, Charlie launched Tech 2025 -- a community and platform for professionals to learn about the next wave of disruptive, emerging technologies and to facilitate discourse about the impact of these technologies on society with an emphasis on problem-solving.

Having produced over 80 events since they launched, coupled with providing professional services, Tech 2025 has quickly gained a reputation for helping professionals and companies to understand and embrace emerging technologies and the whirlwind changes they bring, and to strategize for the future impact of accelerating innovation. 

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