Past Guest Speakers

Glenn Rodriguez

Glenn Rodríguez, Program Director, Horizon Juvenile Center

Joe Toscano

Founder/CVO, BEACON, Author of Automating Humanity

Lawrence Edmondson

Senior Vice President, Technology

Lauren Weber

Journalist, The Wall Street Journal

Major General Brett T. Williams

COO, IronNet Cybersecurity, retired Air Force General, US Department of Defense

Leslie Short

Founder-President-CEO, The Cavu Group

Roland Mokuolu

Co-founder & COO at Partsimony

Toby Moskovitz

Founder and Chief Executive Officer Heritage Equity Partners

Neil Redding

Executive Technologist, Digital Futures Strategist

Christopher Wilczewski

Product Design Account Manager, FARO

Samara Karasyk

Interim President & Chief Policy Officer Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce

Rich Mokuolu

Co-founder & CEO at Partsimony

Dr. Anthony Aguirre

Physicist, co-founder of Future of Life Institute

David Ryan Polgar

Tech Ethicist and Founder of All Tech is Human

Denise Hearn

Economist, co-author of The Myth of Capitalism

Anne T. Griffin

Lead Product Manager, Priceline

John Pavley

SVP of Software Engineering, Viacom

Jamie Brew

CEO, Botnik Studios, NLP

Ariel Conn

Director of Media and Outreach, Future of Life Institute

Nick Nickatas

CEO, Rosie App

Thomas J. Grech

President & CEO, Queens Chamber of Commerce

Ge Wang

Assoc. Professor, Stanford University, Center for Computer Research

Justin Kreamer

VP of Partnerships for the New York City Economic Development Corporation

Henry L. Greenidge, Esq. 

Policy Advisor, Regional Public Affairs, Cruise Automation (General Motors)

William Santana Li

Chairman and CEO, Knightscope Security Robots

Dr. Andrew Maynard

Professor and Dir., Risk Innovation Lab at ASU, Author, Films from the Future

Amauche Emenari

 Research Assistant, MIT, Center for Brains, Minds & Machines

Dr. Michael Laakasuo

Principal Investigator, Moralities of Intelligent Machines, Univ. of Helsinki

Lisa Colbert

Public Information Officer, Ohio Development Services Agency

Randi Williams

Graduate Research Assistant, Human-Robot Interaction, MIT Media Lab

Zoe Demertzis

Zoe Demertzis, Software Engineer, Knightscope Security Robots

Shankhri Balaji

Director of Marketing & Communty, Fr8 Network (blockchain logistics)

Matt Gielen

YouTube Growth Strategist & Founder, Little Monster Media Co.

Malcom Ong

Head of Product at South China Morning and Abacus

Ravi Hiranand

Executive Producer, Abacus at South China Morning Post 

Jon Parry

Director. of GENUIS NY, The Tech Garden

Jonathan Mugan

Principal Scientist, DeUmbra, author, The Curiosity Principal

Adam Simpson

Pr. Assoc., Democracy Collaborative, co-Host, Future Left Podcast

Jayar La Fontaine

Futurist, Head of Foresight, Idea Couture

Hannes Sjöblad

Founder, Swedish Assoc. of Biohackers, Advisor, Human Augmentation

Assemblyman Clyde Vanel

D. 33 Chair (Queens), Subcommittee on Internet & New Technologies

Allie Knight

Long-Haul Truck Driver, YouTube Influencer

Berit Anderson

CEO and Editor-in-Chief,

Daniel Sieberg

CEO, co-founder of iO, Principal, Scout Ventures, x-Google 

Adrienne Abbate

Exec. Director at Staten Island Partnership for Community Wellness

Enrique Mendizabal

Founder and Director, On Think Tanks

Dan Chen

Dan Chen

Industrial Designer & Mechanical Engineer, MIT 

Marcello Poglian

Co-Author of Rogue Robots: Testing the Limits of an Industrial Robot’s Security

Eric Matzner

Futurist, Bioacker, Entrepreneur, Founder of Nootroo

Ed Maguire

Managing Partner, Bluemont Partners, Venture Partner, Momenta 

Julian Togelius

 Associate Professor, Artificial Intelligence in Games, NYU

Dr. Seth Baum 

Exec. Director of the Global Catastrophic Risk Institute

Amy Webb

Futurist and Author of The Signals Are Talking

Eugene Lewis

Founder at Bison Blockchain

Christine Bechhold

Early Stage Investor andPrincipal, Samsung NEXT

Dr. James Fan

Dr. James Fan 

CEO & co-Founder, Hello Vera AI 

Kota Kobayashi

Digital Product Designer, ustwo

Sara Hsu

Asst. Prof. of Economics, Research Dir.,  Asia Financial Risk Think Tank

Alec Lazarescu

Sr. Dir. Engineering at K12, Inc., founder of,

Joyce J. Chen

Investment Director and Operating Partner, Tenfore Holdings

Peter Morgan

Founder and CEO Deep Learning Partnership

Kathryn Hume

Director of Business Development, Borealis AI, Venture Partner at ffVC

Scott Kennedy

Deputy Director, Freeman Chair in China Studies, Business and Political Economy

Clara De Soto

Clara De Soto, cofounder at, writer for Chatbots Weekly

Scott Schwaitzberg

Tusk Ventures political strategy firm for startups and tech companies

Seth Clevenger

Managing Editor, Transport Topics iTech News